Stone Island Liquid Reflective A/W 2010

Every season Stone Island and Carlo Rivetti strive to push the boundaries of technical fashion design, and this jacket really is no different. The liquid reflective is fantastic, the style, shape and sizing really encapsulate everything good that comes out of Italy.

The fabric is coated with thousands of glass microspheres and then spray painted by hand on a mannequin and placed in an oven to dry. The handmade aspect of this process makes each garment unique and every one of them is different in some way. Another strong nod towards the old Marina style with the two front slash pockets, one of my favourite nuances and they really suit this.

The strange thing about this jacket however, is the bizarre hood. In my opinion, nothing about it works. You can see already, when looking at it poppered up, the strain due to the weight of the hood means a popper is just waiting to rip out. So, the other option is to wear with the hood down. Again, it just looks really odd. The zip is exposed and due to the thickness of the fabric, it just sort of hangs without any meaning. I cannot understand why they attempted to include a hood when it’s so obvious it just needs a sensible collar. What is it about SPW and bad hood design?!

Personally, it doesn’t put me off overall, it’s a stunning jacket and the reflective nature makes it a real head turner. The extremely high RRP of somewhere in the region of £795 means there are plenty still available at half the price if you look hard enough, even though production numbers were supposedly small.
I picked up a 2XL, and that comes in a little over 25 p2p. The shape of the jacket makes it feel roomy (I’m a 46″ chest) but it will be fine to layer up under come the colder weather.

It’s available in two colourways, sage green and blue, the sage featured here. The coat also features the infamous limited edition white Stone Island badge, supposedly found on every limited edition jacket, but generally on every jacket more than £500 nowadays.

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