C.P Company Urban Protection Metropolis S/S 1998

Good things come to those that wait. Finally I managed to secure one of the rarest of the Urban Protection series. The 1998 Spring summer dynafil Metropolis. Having missed out on one of these about five years ago on eBay, due to some fanatical bidding, I’d pretty much given up hope of ever sourcing one.

I suspect the sales numbers on these were low, the dynafil fabric gives a false representation of the garment being “sweaty” or just too hot to wear in the summer. However, the dynafil is very light, breatheable and comfortable to wear. The weight of it is just slightly more than a standard spring summer Stone Island shimmer.

The more common raso-backed cotton version of the Metropolis is far more popular, however, they tend to lose their shape when the raso invariably peels out and is removed. Thankfully this isn’t the case with the dynafil version. It’s robust, and feels almost bulletproof. The amazing dynafil fabric never seems to show any wear.

I picked up a size 54, this works out at around 26″ pit-to-pit. However, due to the design and shape of the jacket, along with the side adjusters, it can be worn comfortably at 25 p2p. The arm length is also sensible, comes in around 19/19.5″, which sits just over my watch.

The real plus point on this version is the hood. The main complaint about the iconic autumn winter version of the Metropolis has always been the poor shape of the hood and how it sits. This is definitely an improvement. The size is bigger, and the velcro flaps at the front are also bigger, meaning the hood can be worn velcroed at the front, allowing the whole thing to sit better (see below)

Unlike the other versions, the smog mask is attached using a velcro strap, it sits within the hood, and looped through an opening on the back. Definately more workable than a poppered attachment. This is the only real difference between the other releases, the design is pretty much identical, the same laptop pocket at the back, side adjusters and high collar.

All in all, a fantastic jacket, with no real complaints. I realise the Metropolis isn’t to everyone’s taste, but this peice oozes class, quality and timeless design.

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