C.P. Company A/W 011 Images released

Source: www.cpcompany.co.uk

For Autumn Winter 2011, C. P. Company creates true magic, merging the past and future in a single collection, on a journey through history, from the roots of sportswear and original outdoor and military clothing, dating from the 1950s.

C.P. Company stays true to its identity! A few original pieces from previous eras are given a fresh interpretation. Meticulous research into the original fabrics remains the source of inspiration for recreating models with completely new materials.

Research and Technologies
C.P. Company is now, as ever, driven by research and innovation.

Just one example is the classic 20th-century shooting jacket, seen in this collection in resin-coated nylon, which a double dye treatment giving the look of an old wax canvas.

The Goggle Jacket is set to be the brand’s emblem and the next Autumn/Winter collection’s featured piece. It is made of “Boneville”, a hand-crafted fabric with an antique feel from the long-established British company British Millerain, using an artisan technique that mixes leather and cotton for absolutely eye-catching vintage effects.

C.P. Company FW 2011 has perfected a new design for the padded jacket, inspired by early 20th-century high altitude expeditions, when the use of natural fabrics like cotton ensured optimal breathability and lightness. Joining forces with Epic, a leading maker of cotton fabrics, as well as official supplier to the U.S. Army, the padded jackets’ fabric will be a special cotton whose fiber is encapsulated in silicone coating to make it wind and water resistant.

Wool, too, holds a special place in these collections. A close study of late 19th-century British textile tradition and techniques used in spinning and weaving created carded wool fabrics, like those originally used to make military coats.

A new joint project with Alcantara, was launched to offer this material in a garment-dyed version for the first time. The Goggle Jacket is given a fresh, new look, inspired by the interiors of custom sports cars. It undergoes a special garment dyeing technique under pressure at very high temperatures.

The C.P. Company collection makes room for a new take on classic clothing, made from laminated fabrics and garment-dyed with special attention to the construction of their linings with unfailing attention to detail. This timeless classic collection crosses all the boundaries of fashion.

While for a more urban setting, ultra resistant nylon pieces were made to keep warmth in and protect from the elements, giving optimal comfort with perfect wear ability. To make the material more substantial, a dye with special pigments was developed, which are deposited on the fabric surface to create a more intense color depth and ‘lived-in’ effect.

Dedicated research in textile and dyeing techniques, and numerous partnerships with leading companies give this collection a depth and historic quality, making this Italian designed brand an international success.

C.P. Company maintains its position as an industry leader of research and innovation, while staying true to the traditions and history that have made it an iconic brand. This is how Enzo Fusco plans to take this project forward, making each piece evoke the original feel and look of the company’s history.

The C.P. Company collection is brimming with feeling and beauty in its choice of tailoring detail and fabric choice. This is a collection where every piece conveys high quality with a wealth of beautiful styles and forms.

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