The 12th Man Project – Fabio Cavina

When I am asked about my 12thMan project, that Ozzy Osbourne album always comes to my mind. It does take a madman to start such a project these days. Specially if you have no connections in the clothing business, just your passion for clothing and little money to invest.

Still, since I started, I knew that this was my “mission” and the job I had always dreamt of. What I am doing is a bit crazy as my competitors are in most cases big, well organized companies that are investing big money in advertising, sales campaigns, flagship stores etc. I had no chance but to take their “model”, study it and do the opposite.

I started printing the first t-shirts a while back, and I was immediately intrigued with the different printing techniques. After the first t-shirts, I decided that printing t-shirts was interesting but it was not all I wanted to do.

I wanted to learn other things, I wanted to learn about treatments,fabrics and materials. I wanted to do “garment dyeing”, I wanted to study and learn from what others had done before me. I have been so deeply influenced by the work of these famous designers that I just could not stop researching.

The fact that who came before was from the same area, if not town, as me just gave me more determination. Somehow, and I am saying that with a lot of respect, I have always felt I should do all I could to carry on the heritage of this land. Collaborating with the Osti Studio was really a great experience in that perspective.

12thMan garments are entirely made in Italy as I firmly believe this is the way it should be. Each part of the product is made locally, including swing tags, labels, boxes, everything. I believe there are no shortcuts and I have always wanted to make a “honest” product. Some time has passed since the first t-shirts were printed, and 12thMan garments have gradually moved towards more substantial garments and a more understated look, naturally developing into two concept ranges, “Tinto in Capo” and “Linea Classica”.

The 12thMan “Tinto in capo” range includes limited edition garments which have been garment dyed using both traditional and innovative dyeing techniques. These items are developed and produced in collaboration with local factories that have been around for decades and have built a reputation for being the best in the world when it comes to garment dyeing.

The 12thMan “Linea Classica” range includes limited edition garmentsthat are crafted using high quality italian fabrics, sourced and selected from the best italian suppliers, and present a more understated, classic style.

Autumn/Winter 12thMan collection will be online in a matter of weeks at:

I would like to thank the OA forum/blog for their constant support to the 12thMan project.

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